22 Mar

A letter I will never send…

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 2.51.10 pm

& the sound of its making

typed and subsequently deleted because some things are just for yourself…

& something about holding on & letting go. I’m still working that bit out.

a box & the sound of its own making.

05 Jan

A photograph I took using my best lens…

I confess I don’t really know what I’m doing here. It feels familiar and foreign and the same time but I’m feeling this place calling me – just softly it’s true – and I’ll probably blow in and out a few times before (or if) I decide it feels like home again.

Just a little photo I took this morning on the run…

The Springs Carpark Point Lonsdale.
Sometime after 7:30am on the 5th of January 2015.

Buddy and I round the bend and The Springs carpark comes into sight.

The carpark is full of small sedans and step through bicycles.

Grey haired ladies make their way down onto the sand via the stone steps.

They wade into the water up to their waists before they float beyond the gently breaking waves and begin their daily swim.

One of them wears a Wonder Woman swimsuit (she looks to be in great shape) and I smile and think to myself ‘YES YOU ARE’.

As we pass and the last of the women descends the stairs I feel my heart full. I enjoy the faint sniff of Clinique Aromatics Elixr as it hangs in the still morning air.

03 Apr

The worst blogger in the world…

the diamond miner | kootoyoo

Yep – it’s me.

I’ve almost let ANOTHER Thursday slip by without so much as a nod. I know I’m always apologising but…sorry.

I’m actually posting something I have finished (maybe – or maybe it’s just a stepping stone on the way to something else). These are related to the inkery I posted last. The install is called ‘The Diamond Miner’. It’s a self portrait really. It’s about making rather than made and about keeping your eyes, mind and heart wide open…always…you never know where you will find those diamonds.

The diamonds were made from process images along the road of the ink and text work that I showed earlier in the year. Of course I always have the trusty iPhone with me and I’d taken images as words revealed, of spills and sprays and crinkled fabric and ink stains too.

20 Mar


indian ink in water | kootoyoo

Do you remember way back when I used to post those blurry-what-on-earth type images of the beginnings and middles and almost there stages of projects?

That’s what the ink is about. I have to present a piece for assessment next week and I am planning on using images from the ink work at the gallery. It’s all about process and how sometimes the very best moments reveal themselves when you’re not expecting it. Say (for example) when you spray ink all over the gallery walls.

I’ve made a little film of ink in water to go along with my sculptural prints which I hope to get onto over the weekend.

Have you been making something great? Valuing the making more than the made?


13 Mar

A big couple of weeks…

circle of confusion | clicks

I feel like I’ve got HEAPS to catch up on.

I installed my circle of confusion piece for assessment and then I installed my ink work at First Site Gallery and then I showed my photo books at the photo book day at NGV as part of Melbourne Now. AND I started a new year of Uni and organised and commenced my internship.

I have been falling into bed each night and dragging myself out of bed reluctantly each morning but I’m excited about new opportunities for learning and of course personal growth.

circle of confusion | set

I’m resolving to share more of the uni stuff – when you consider that I started this space as a space to document, it really seems rather ridiculous that now that I’m actually making some stuff I’m truly proud of it languishes in the “making cupboard” (which I consider as a temporary holding yard for the skip that will be filled by my kids when I croak).

So, in the spirit of sharing the making – show us what you’ve got…