How to make a wrist cuff – faux wood & embroidery…

January 13, 2010 13 Comments by Kirsty

Wrist Cuff

Here’s the how to for my wrist cuff. This cuff makes an excellent gift & is a fairly quick & easy project.

You should be able to pick up vinyl off cuts from your local hardware or flooring shop.

Obviously you could stitch text or basic images using the same technique. Just be careful not to make your design too detailed…you’ll drive yourself crazy.

- You can pick up the print friendly PDF tutorial here…
how to make a wrist cuff

I’m planning on doing more “how to” posts this year. I’ve made myself a rule … but it’s a bit early to say if I’ll stick to it. I really enjoy making them & it’s all about keeping me motivated.

OR maybe you’d like to come to a HAC workshop to make it with me? If I get enough interest I’ll go ahead.

Date: Saturday 6th February 1-5pm
Venue: Balwyn TBC
Cost: $55 includes all materials & refreshments
Email: to register your interest kootoyooATgmailDOTcom with HAC 6th February in the subject line.


  1. MiM
    6 years ago

    thankyou, a fab tutorial :)


  2. Tayla B. Design
    6 years ago

    Awesome :)

    Thanks for sharing the how-to


  3. edward and lilly
    6 years ago

    Fabulous! I'm looking forward to more tutorials this year, they're so simple and easy to follow.


    6 years ago

    Wow, this is super creative, I love it! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


  5. Cindy
    6 years ago

    I would be interested if I can double check with Glen on child rearing duties. third times the trick!


  6. britt
    6 years ago

    that rocks!! super cool idea. thanks for sharing!


  7. Cuteee Pye
    6 years ago

    cute!!!!! GONNA MAKE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This looks like a great project. I want to make one and I'm gathering supplies. Where can I find a press stud and how do I attach it to the cuff? Any help would be great.Thanks! :) Andrea


  9. Sue
    4 years ago

    Very nice!


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