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28 Jul

The gift…

The Gift

It’s been an amazing week in my neck of the woods.

Just truly gorgeous things have been happening over the last seven days…

My sister & her family are coming home!!! You can’t even imagine how insanely happy this has made me.

An amazing, amazing person sent me THE NECKLACE in the mail! Just a totally inspiring act of generosity.

I’ve received sweet handwritten notes, posts & lovely, lovely emails from internet mates. You know who you are and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Finally, yesterday for no particular reason Auntie Pat gifted me a box of lambswool/angora Anny Blatt. This is an incredible treat.

All those years ago when I worked at Woolcraft I used to spend far too long “tidying” the Anny Blatt shelves so that I could enjoy the luxury of this yarn. I imagined that one day I’d be able to make something amazing with it.

Totally inspired by Assemblage & Aunty Cookie I’ve cast on a few stitches.

15 Jun

A piece of craft history…

The Log Book 1

I am so enjoying my Tuesday morning with Auntie Pat. Although I am enjoying the knitting it’s really not about that at all.

Last week we talked about Politics, lucky babies, lucky mothers, great coats, perceived inappropriate behaviour and Woolcraft Nominees* and Fantasy 8 yarn. Do you remember Fantasy 8? Are you old enough?

When the conversation turned to Fantasy 8, Auntie Pat went to retrieve her “blog”. An unassuming little book. Long and thin with dog eared pages. A green marbled cover and partially perished canvas tape binding.

I knew before the first page was turned that I was going to love this body of work. It’s a catalog you see, of patterns. Patterns written by Auntie Pat. Each and everyone numbered. From 1 to 1072!

And don’t you worry about the original patterns. They are all filed in ring binders. In plastic pockets. In sequential order from 1 to 1072!

The Log Book 2

I have no idea what a cocktail tunic is but I know I want to make one.

*Woolcraft was Auntie Pat’s shop (chain actually). They had yarn stores around Melbourne from the 60s-80s.

21 Apr

The magic doorway…

Magic 1278

The door at Auntie Pat’s is big & heavy.

I knock – a little melodious knock. “Come in”, I hear. I think how cool it is that my eighty something Great Aunt is happy to have her door unlocked.

I let myself in.

Auntie Pat is all organised and ready for our knitting date. The radio is tuned to Magic 1278 and her current knitting project is laid out on the dining table.

I’m offered a cuppa and say yes to a cup of tea. Once the tea is made we settle ourselves at the table. Auntie Pat examines my homework. She’s very happy with the way I’m knitting. She runs her fingers over my work and says softly “Mmm, yes, you’re going to be a beautiful knitter Koo”. I feel well pleased with this. I like to be good at stuff.

I’ve brought along the pattern as well as my 365 knitting stitches desk calendar. I hand the pattern over to Auntie Pat & ask ernestly if I should begin at January 1st or maybe today’s date? “No”, Auntie Pat says firmly. “Close that book.” I do. “Right, now just open it up and work on whatever pattern it throws up.” I do exactly that and open the book at the diagonal rib. Auntie Pat is pleased and tells me to get started.

I cast on using my thumb and Auntie Pat begins reading. We sit together in an easy silence, knitting and reading. “Islands in the stream” comes on the radio and I smile to myself. I don’t think I’ve heard that song since 1987. I hum along happily.

Every now and then Auntie Pat offers a “interesting” or “hmmm, clever”.

Very quickly the two hours is up. I pack my things and say my thank yous and goodbyes at the door. Once I start the car I’m tempted to tune the radio to 1278 but decide to save the Magic for Tuesdays with Auntie Pat.

14 Apr

Where it all began…


was with the sticks. I learnt from my dear grandmother. The quick movement of her hands was inspiring & something I could never master. The painfully slow & awkward way I manipulated the needles & the yarn was too much for me & I concentrated my creative activities elsewhere.

I’m going to rectify that this year. I shall be spending a couple of hours each week with my Great Aunt learning how to do it “right”.

Casting on with my thumb beautifully now & I’ve got the pointer finger flicking like a pro. No more of this hand off the needle & swing around with the yarn for me.

Once I’ve practiced my technique a bit more (& solved the problems of the world over cups of tea with Auntie Pat), I’m going to make this. Oh yes I am…just you watch me.