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16 Oct

The last collection…

the last one kootoyoo

I think (maybe) the nasty squatter might have left the building! Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the rot I’ve been serving up in your feed recently.

Semester 2 seems to be cruising into ‘home’ without incident. Of course, I’m putting off the Art History essay, but at least I’m feeling smarter about that and I’ll make a rule about in on Friday so it should be OK.

In other huge news I think that the collections are done! I haven’t put one together in weeks…it just kind of came to a whimpering end which is a little bit sad but I guess some things end with a bang and others fade gently away.

BUT our book project at Uni and the tyre pumping from Mel (don’t look for her there – she’s on instagram with the rest of our community) has meant I have made some plans for a little artist book and I’m really looking forward to that.

AND I’ve been chatting to Pip a lot about the good old days and how useful (for me and for others) my blog used to be and I’m bound and determined to get back to that. If I want to make another series of stereographic images, or a screen print something, or blind emboss something else I’d like to just search the blog instead of riffling though a bunch of scribbled notes like it’s 1995.

Anyhoo, enough of the drivel for now but I’ll be around here more…yeah yeah…threat or promise…we’ll see.

24 Aug

Clear eyes…

playing the hand |14
Last Saturday was a lovely day. People I love came to see the images…
playing the hand |01

playing the hand |02

playing the hand |13
They played memory…
playing the hand |04

playing the hand |12
AND they made their own collections too…
playing the hand |05

playing the hand |06

Full heart.

AND Pip wrote about it AND Shannon gave me the thumbs up (sort of – she’s mainly banging on about netball but she shares the collection she made) AND there is a little piece in Issimo Magazine too!!!

Can’t lose.

PS: It’s been so long since I’ve updated in any proper sort of way it’s taken me over an hour to prepare this post – tragic indeed.

13 Aug

Ballarat bound…

square playing the hand

“Not every puzzle is intended to be solved. Some are in place to test your limits. Others are, in fact, not puzzles at all…”

Vera Nazarian

Tomorrow I’m hitting the road to install at Red Brick Gallery as part of the Fringe program of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

I’ve had a great time putting the show together. Of course the card table collections will be on show but I’ve made some other plans too – of the game playing variety.  It should be fun.

The opening is this Saturday from 2-4pm and of course you’re invited. I hope that if you happen to be in or around Ballarat over the next few weeks OR if you fancy a day trip to experience the Biennale that you might pop in to the show…you guys and the blog are so very much a part of the series.  Thanks for hanging in with me.

17 August – 15 September 2013

Red Brick Gallery
216 Skipton Street, Ballarat

Saturday 17 August 2-4pm

Wed – Sat 10am-5pm
& Sun 10am-4pm


06 May

If you can’t dazzle them…


raided the stash
& ‘printed’ white supplies
took a few pics
& cut myself into strips
thought about stuff I like
& stuck a pin on it
settled on the significants
& stitched marks into linen
enjoyed the colour of autumn
& crunched through the leaves
thought about the red thread
& the small on the needle
caught up on Friday night drinks
& filled the heart up with mates
the boy played hard
& spent the day with the medics
one with concussion
& one with a bye
meant a lazy start to the day
& breakfast at an old favourite

29 Apr

Birthdays & big events…


cut up more pics
& wove some small strips
prepared for the review
& stayed up too late
started with ‘hand’
& gave it a tick
set myself some guidelines
& dragged out the mending box
had the learner at the wheel
& my heart in my mouth
stopped in at spotty
& couldn’t resist
celebrated a few birthdays
& didn’t forget
the date clocked another year
& we gifted a trip click
pulled on the party shoes
& dragged ourselves into town