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17 Jan

Something a bit different…

& a bit the same.

This year I’m trying to focus on a couple of my favourite crafty past times & really hone my skills rather than leaping around all over the place.

This is the beginning of a bag made from vintage “Reverse Ripple” fabric…yep it had the selvedge attached.

17 Jun

Op Shop til you drop…

Thrifted Tuesday hosted by Leah.

Thrifted recently…magnificent barkcloth from my super special little Op Shop (20 cents)!

Just enough to make one bag.

01 Jun

I got…

Yesterday I went to
Mixtogether organised by the blogger formerly currently known as 62cherry & Nichola.

It was a lovely afternoon held at Amitie – Yikes that place is exquisite! If you’re anywhere even remotely close to Amitie (or even 1/2 a days drive) get your butt over there – you won’t regret it.

I was totally spoilt – I got the bag full of handmade loveliness made by the gorgeous KittyB. It was full to overflowing with beautiful, magnificently crafted goodness. My absolute favourite is the neck warmer – it’s stunning Kitty I love it.

We worked on our signature blocks for the Mixtogether quilt & drank & ate. It was a gorgeous afternoon. Thanks girls.

30 May

Vintage sheets…

fabric 6 Comments by Kirsty

are almost as good as pillowcases.

I think it’s 10 different vintage sheets.

29 May

Honeymoon craft…

with Allan Robison

So I know I’ve raved on about the new beginnings obsession about a million times before. I just love the “honeymoon faze” of a project. It’s interesting…once mastered it loses its appeal.

The spark, discovery, thrill & ultimate satisfaction are what it’s all about.

It’s lucky I met the date when I did because with this current obsession he probably wouldn’t have lasted & I can tell you he’s a keeper!

I’ve had 5 new beginnings this week. Any craft project that involves a date with Allan Robison fabric is bound to be a winner.