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17 Jan

How to make a macro lens for your (i)Phone…

how to make a macro lens for your (i)Phone

So you know how I blathered on a couple of weeks ago about how much I was in love with Instagram? I wondered if something good would come of it…well it has!!!

Always looking to change things up I fashioned a macro lens for the phone! I got all excited over on instagram about it & now I’ve made a how to so you can do it too. Hooray for that I say…so I have saved the mind blowingly good content for the blog eh?

Anyway … I used more bits of broken lens from the camera lamp affair (lucky I don’t chuck stuff out). The corner was fashioned using a product called Sugru. I found this product via Swiss Miss last year & frankly anything with the slogan “hack things better” is a product I need to have. It’s brilliant brilliant stuff. So thank you Swiss Miss & thank you Sugru.

So off you go & make a macro lens corner for your phone – it was a quick & easy project. Maybe I’ll see you (& your macro shots) over on instagram @kootoyoo. xx

08 Sep

How to convert film SLR camera into a lamp…

This is a how to (of sorts) for the camera lamp I made last week.

The response to the camera lamp has absolutely overwhelmed me. The post has been picked up by a number of makery, photography, DIYery sites & while I’ve been sleeping I’ve been getting heaps & heaps of lovely emails from all around the place.

The enthusiasm from other people was infectious & I spent a couple of hours with the guys at Calmatronics who were also enthusiastic & fabulously helpful too. They offered a couple of suggestions as to how it could be done & I purchased parts from them to have the light wired professionally.


Electicity = potential danger (& in Australia you’re not allowed to do any of your own electrical)


This how to shows how I prepared the camera body for the professional wiring of the lamp. It outlines the options you have for powering the lamp and the parts you’d need to provide to your electrician.

If you live elsewhere & the safety standards differ to Australian regulations then Google is your friend.

Finally, thanks so much for keeping me wanting to make stuff, try harder & do more. It’s most excellent. x

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01 Jul

How to make a project tote for yarny types

I got kind of excited about the yarn bowl I made last week & thought you guys might like to have a go at a simple speedy one yourselves.

You might also need to visit my previous tute on drawstring bags to make sense of the top casing but it really is a very simple project. It took me far longer to write the how to than it took to make.

simple project tote for yarny types

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Happy weekend folks & may your yarn remain tangle & dust free. x
07 Dec

How to: wrapped tealights…

The wedding on Saturday was a real group effort.

Friends of the bride & groom shared their talents and helped out with cake decorating, invitations, photography & personalised chocolates as place settings!

I had a hand in the centrepieces for the tables.  They looked beautiful and created a lovely romantic ambient glow. These are just perfect if you’re planning a DIY wedding because they can be made well ahead of time.

The glasses were picked up for 50 cents a piece at local op shops.  We chose to wrap in bamboo which had a lovely sheen & looked very pretty in the daylight.

Obviously these can be used and reused for different events & as either tealights or vases.

Perfect for your holiday table too.

03 Dec

How to make no sew decorations…

Christmas stars or festive flowers … totally up to you.

The beauty of this speedy project is that the flowers can be enjoyed all year round.  You could make a garland or use them to adorn gifts.

Another 5 minute craft.  I’m all about the speed at the moment.  Maybe you’ve made something similar out of strips of card separated to make a bauble?

Other decos I’ve seen around & loved…

Meg’s dove
Blair’s doily tree
Maya’s countdown

Enjoy & have a great weekend.