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20 Mar

Tumbling blocks…

The end

in about 1/2 an hour the blocks fell away from the quilt.

It struck me that the quilt is exiting my life in the very same way it entered. The blocks have little white stitches as a reminder that they were part of something bigger.

There’s still a bit to do but I hope to have everything in the mail by 31 March.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful people who were part of the quilt project.

24 Oct

The Quilt Project…


Last night The Quilt Project quilt was displayed at Abbotsford Convent. Lots of lovely folk came to have a look at our beautiful quilt. It really is something special. Our online community have worked together to make something really amazing.

I feel immensely proud of all of us. To quote the smalls…

“We did a big achievement”.

On a personal note…

When the project began I felt confident that the community quilt we were creating was going to be something special and I thought it would be a bit of fun. Certainly, both those things are true but The Quilt Project has meant so much more to me than just a bit of fun.

As each block arrived I traced the designs with my fingers and imagined the maker hard at work. When each row was stitched together I stepped back and nodded and thought yes, yes that looks good. It wasn’t until I sewed the last row onto the quilt, draped it over the couch and let it spill onto the floor that I was fully aware of the magic that is this project. It took my breath away. Each of these squares is a moment in time, a piece of each maker’s life, a memory anchor.

I will be eternally grateful to all who participated for trusting me with these very precious squares, thank you.

The Quilt Project now has it’s own space. I hope that it’s a space that the contributors will be proud of and one that everyone interested in making can enjoy.

Two extra special thank you’s to Bec for travelling to be there & to Nikki for being a fabulous support.

22 Oct

My creative space…

The Quilt Project

is buried under 5m x 3m of redwork & so am I!

I may or may not be able to dig myself out to get around to say g’day this week I hope that when you see the quilt either live or via photos on the blog you’ll forgive me.

Those of you who were interested in last week’s space & my music boxes in progress might want to take a look here.

You can visit my favourite space from last week right here.

Don’t forget to pop in & add your link if you’re playing along this week.

09 Oct

A quilt preview…

Red Mountain

Bottom Row

Square by Jess

Did you know that Flip is coming to Australia? It’s going to be available in time for Christmas.

I’m one of the lucky folk who gets to trial the new Mino HD Flips. The camera arrived yesterday & so I decided to make a little Quilt Project video for you.

I have a gadget geek brother who owns an earlier model of the Flip which I’ve used a bit…you can see those efforts here.

Obviously the quality is far superior using the new flip & the addition of a tripod jack is fabulous as is the mobile phone size. It’s smaller than an iPhone & just as easy to use.

The most appealing thing for me is the fact that our videos can easily be stored (if I can do it anyone can) in the same place as our images rather than hanging around on teeny tiny digital tapes which neither myself or The Date know how to manage on the computer.

I guess the main questions are…
Would you buy it? Yes…built in USB (for quick & easy camera to pc transfer), built in battery, super easy to use. Tick, tick, tick.
How much is it? Look here.

So you’ll probably see a bit more video around this space in the next little while if I can get over the fingernails-on-blackboard-cringe when I have to listen to my own voice.

The most exciting video news in ages is that Handmade Nation will be released on DVD November 3. This movie made me proud to be a maker of things. If you haven’t seen it (or even if you have) signup to receive an email alert to let you know it’s available.

29 Sep



The convent is located at 1 St Helliers Street Abbotsford in Melbourne.

More information about how to get there here.

What better venue to have our quilt stitched by (mainly)women displayed than at the convent?

If you’ve been following the project & you’re available on the 23rd we’d love to see you.

Just RSVP by replying to my RSVP comment on this post or if you’re shy you can email.

The Quilt Project site will be launched on this evening also & will be live on the 24th of October.